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Bewdley Town Council

Christmas Lights 2018-20




Bewdley Town Council provides on an annual basis a display of Christmas illuminations in the Bewdley town centre area. The focus of the illumination scheme is the annual ‘switch on’ event in Bewdley usually around the first Saturday in December. The Council is inviting interested parties to provide a proposal for a scheme with a view to agreeing a contract with a supplier from 1st May 2018.

The contract will then run for three years to include Christmas 2018, 2019 and 2020 and will end on or around the 31st March 2021. The value of the contract is £24,000 over three years (ie £8000 per year).


The Town Council is seeking a contractor to fully manage the installation, maintenance, removal and storage of the Christmas lights and associated electrical installations in the town. The successful contractor will be expected to fulfil the following:

1. The Town Council requires a scheme of around 25 LED lamp post motifs. The contractor will agree, in conjunction with the Town Clerk and the Events Officer, a scheme of 25 decorations. These shall be supplied by the contractor on a three year hire agreement and can include ex-hire motifs. For the purpose of this contract, the Town Council require a proposed lighting scheme to be submitted, including locations of the lighting and imagery of the designs of the proposed motifs. The scheme can also include “string” lights in Load Street dependent on the overall design of the scheme and cost. Schemes must not be “garish” but a splash of colour may work well. This can be discussed with the Town Clerk.

2. Decorations must not span the width of any highway or road junction.

3. To arrange for all equipment to be stored and fully covered by the Contractor’s insurance whilst in storage.

4. Detailed plans and records of the planned location of each decoration and lamp column numbers shall be drawn up by the Contractor in conjunction with the Town Clerk.

5. Install and test all lighting at least one week prior to the ‘switch on’ date. The Council shall be informed in writing that all illuminations and associated equipment are installed and operational. 

6. Testing shall include safety tests on anchor points and viability of any catenary wires which may be installed throughout the duration of the contract. Testing shall be carried out to ISO standards. 

7. All electrical components shall be tested and all wiring, connections etc. should be certified safe. 

8. All equipment will be installed and anchored such that they are safe and compliant with relevant Health and Safety regulations. 

9. The contractor shall ensure safe working practices are adopted at all times and that workers and the public are fully protected. 

10. The contractor will hold the relevant insurance cover including professional and public liability to the value of £10m as a minimum.

11. All reported faults are to be evaluated within 24 hours and remedied within 3 days. Weekends shall not be excluded from this arrangement. 

12. Emergency out-of-hours call-outs are to be included in the agreement if adverse weather conditions create a potentially dangerous situation. 

13. The contractor will provide all necessary equipment including cherry pickers and vehicles to transport and install the equipment.  

14. The fees shall cover all works including call-outs.

15. The contractor will ensure that all lighting switches on and off daily at the times agreed with the Town Clerk. 

16. The contractor will attend the ‘switch on’ event and arrange to ensure simultaneous lighting of all motifs in Load Street at the time agreed with the Event Manager on the day. 

17. The contractor shall conduct all necessary due diligence in advance of submitting their proposals as the Council will not accept liability for additional payments. 

18. The contractor and all of their employees shall hold the required electrical installation qualifications including the G39 certificate. 


1. 25 x mounted lamp post decorations/motifs along Load Street (13 motifs), Welch Gate (1 motif), Dog Lane (1 motif), Severnside South (3 motifs) and Kidderminster Road (7 motifs).

2. The scheme can include string lights between lamp columns in Load Street depending on design and cost – this is optional.  

3. Installation of lights on the Load Street Christmas tree (Tree supplied by the Town Council).

4. Installation of lights in the trees facing the river adjacent to Bridge House, Beale’s Corner.  

The Council may agree to additional costs should it be felt necessary to increase the scope or extent of the illumination scheme. These will be negotiated should the need arise. 


The proposal should be in four parts:

1. The technical specification (details of experience, proposed approach to the works etc.) including a list of motifs/decorations planned with their anticipated life-spans.

2. A visual “mock-up” of what the scheme will look like in situ. 

3. A document confirming the total price for the three year period. The annual contract value shall be taken as one third of the total price. The Council will be invoiced on an annual basis.  

4. The names and contact details of two references who have received a similar service in the past 12 months.