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Bewdley Town Council


This page contains links and files to recent consultations that the Town Council are either conducting or have/will be responding to.

For more information, please contact the Town Clerk at townclerk@bewdleytowncouncil.org


Local Government Finance Settlement 2017/2018 - Response Local-Govt-Finance---Referendum-principle-Oct-2016.pdf 242.1 KB Neighbourhood Planning Bill Oct 2016 - Response NP-Bill-Oct-2016.pdf 323.8 KB Planning obligations Nov 2016 - Response Planning-obligations-Nov-2016.pdf 183.9 KB Report regarding the purchase of 67 Load Street Town-Clerk-Report---Purchase-of-67-Load-Street.pdf 267 KB Business Case - Purchase of 67 Load Street Business-Case-for-the-acquitision-of-property-by-Bewdley-Town-Council.pdf 254.9 KB WCC Local Transport Plan 2017 LTP4_Main_Document.pdf 9.4 MB WCC Local Transport Plan 2017 - Policies LTP4_Policies_Document.pdf 8.7 MB BTC Response to Local Transport Plan Consultation 2017 LTP4-Consultation-Response-Jan-17.pdf 240.7 KB PCC Safer West Mercia - Response following BTC Comments Consultation-responses-on-draft-plan.pdf 351.5 KB BTC Response to PCC Budget Consultation 2017/2018 BTC-Response-to-PCC-Budget-Consultation-2017.18.pdf 185.7 KB PCC Budget 2017/18 - Repsonse following BTC Comments PCC-response-to-BTC-comments-re-17.18-budget.pdf 265.4 KB BTC Response to Housing White Paper April 2017 Housing-White-Paper-April-2017.doc 26 KB WFDC Public Space Protection Order - Dog Fouling Wyre-Forest-Public-Space-Protection-Order.pdf 562.8 KB Local Plan Review - Preferred Options Consultation Response Local-Plan-Review-Preferred-Options-Response-June-2017.doc 37.5 KB DCLG Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places Oct 2017 Planning-for-the-right-homes...consultation-Sept-2017.pdf 548.1 KB Reponse to NALC re Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places Oct 17 Response-to-NALC-re-DCLG-Planning-for-the-right-houses-consultation-Oct-17.doc 22.5 KB DCLG/NALC Planning Policy Framework - May 2018 PC06-18--National-Planning-Policy-Framework.pdf 1.2 MB