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Bewdley Town Council

Council Policies

Bewdley Town Council Council Policies

Bewdley Town Council Corporate Plan 2017-2019

The Corporate Plan sets out the Council's overall vision and objectives for the way it operates, and provides an Action Plan as to what the Council plans to do over the period. The Plan will be reviewed annually and will reflect changing priorities and include new projects that the Council feel will add value and which fit with the Council's overall strategy.

Click below to read the documents. Please send any comments about the Corporate Plan to the Town Clerk at townclerk@bewdleytowncouncil.org or use the Contact Us section of this website.

General Policy Documents. Please click on the relevant files below. Any queries should be directed to the Town Clerk.

Standing Orders as at March 2019 (Rules of Operation) StandingOrders-Adopted04.03.19.pdf 330.3 KB Town Council Annual Grant Fund BTC-Grant-Awarding-Policy.pdf 99.2 KB Small Grants Fund (Promoting Events) Small-Grants-Fund---Policy.pdf 227.9 KB Town Council Annual Grant Fund Application Form App-Form-2017-18.pdf 82.5 KB Small Grants Fund (Promoting Events) Application Form Small-Grant-App-Form.pdf 161.7 KB Small Grants Fund (Promoting Events) Applicant Guidance Small-Grants-Fund---Guidance-Notes-for-Applicants.pdf 195.3 KB Code of Conduct for Councillors Code-of-Conduct-BTC.pdf 237.1 KB Town Council Financial Regulations FinancialRegulations-Adopted04.03.19.pdf 289.6 KB Complaints Procedure BTC007-Complaints-Procedure-2016.pdf 194.5 KB Information Publication Scheme FOI-Publication-Scheme-2019.pdf 149.6 KB Corporate Risk Assessment Risk-Assessment---General-2015.pdf 211.4 KB Social Media Policy BTC010-Social-Media-Policy.pdf 364.9 KB Town Freeman/Freewoman Scheme BTC012-Freeman-Scheme-Policy.pdf 253.7 KB Civic and Thank You Award Schemes BTC013-Civic-and-Thank-You-Award-Schemes.pdf 324.7 KB Internal Financial Controls BTC014-Internal-Financial-Controls.pdf 118 KB Civic Protocol - Guide to the Mayoralty BTC015-Guide-to-Mayoralty.pdf 372.5 KB Vexatious Requests/Complaints Policy BTC018-Vexatious-Requests-and-Complaints.pdf 260.5 KB Community Engagement Strategy BTC020-Community-Engagement-Strategy.pdf 519.1 KB Privacy Notice - GDPR 2018 Privacy-Notice---GDPR-2018.pdf 95.9 KB Data Protection Policy (GDPR May 2018) BTC019-Data-Protection-Policy.pdf 181.2 KB