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Bewdley Town Council

Planning Committee

Bewdley Town Council Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets every month at the Bewdley Town Council office. All planning applications in Bewdley are referred by the District Council to the Town Council Planning Committee for its views, and for the Committee to recommend whether an application should be approved or refused.

All Planning Committee meetings of the Town Council are open to the public and generally take place on the last Thursday of the month in the Bewdley Town Council office. This is subject to change so please check each Agenda.

Anyone wishing to speak either for or against a planning application, or any subject coming within the remit of the Committee, may do so subject to standing orders and in consultation with the Town Clerk. 

The members of the Planning Committee for 2019/2020 are as follows: 

Councillor Rod Stanczyszyn (Chair), Councillor Heather Lacy (IVice Chair), Councillor Roger Coleman, Councillor Elizabeth Davies, Councillor Paul Gittins and Councillor Sarah Billett.

Please note the Agenda for each Planning Committee will be available approximately one week prior to the Committee meeting.

Live planning applications in Bewdley can be viewed using our unique "Planning Tracker", accessed from the main menu.

More information about the Planning system in England can be found here

You can also view information about Planning and Local Planning Policy in the Wyre Forest District here

Planning Committee Agenda 30th January 2020 (1)-30th-January-2020.pdf 85.3 KB Planning Committee Agenda 19th December 2019 (12)-19th-December-2019.pdf 85.1 KB Planning Committee Minutes 28th November 2019 (11)-28th-November-2019.pdf 135.6 KB Planning Committee Agenda 28th November 2019 (11)-28th-November-2019.pdf 92.6 KB Planning Committee Minutes 31st October 2019 (10)-31st-October-2019.pdf 148.5 KB Planning Committee Agenda 31st October 2019 (10)-31st-October-2019.doc.pdf 131.1 KB Planning Committee Minutes 26th September 2019 (9)-26th-September-2019.pdf 88.2 KB Planning Committee Minutes 29th August 2019 (8)-29th-August-2019.pdf 135.4 KB Planning Committee Agenda 29th August 2019 (8)-29th-August-2019.pdf 90.9 KB Planning Committee Minutes 25th July 2019 (7)-25th-July-2019.pdf 134.3 KB Planning Committee Minutes 27th June 2019 (6)-27th-June-2019.pdf 134.7 KB Planning Committee Agenda 27th June 2019 (6)-27th-June-2019.pdf 94.3 KB Planning Committee Minutes 30th May 2019 (5b)-30th-May-2019.doc.pdf 63.8 KB Planning Committee Minutes 16th May 2019 (5)-16th-May-2019.pdf 149.2 KB Plannning Committee Minutes 3rd April 2019 (4)-3rd-April-2019.pdf 129.3 KB Plannning Committee Agenda 3rd April 2019 (4)-3rd-April-2019.pdf 92 KB Planning Committee Minutes 6th March 2019 (3)-6th-March-2019.doc 91 KB Planning Committee Agenda 6th March 2019 (3)-6th-March-2019.pdf 87.3 KB Planning Committee Minutes 6th February 2019 (2)-6th-February-2019.pdf 72.5 KB Planning Committee Agenda 6th February 2019 (2)-6th-February-2019.pdf 84.8 KB Planning Committee Minutes 9th Januay 2019 (1)-9th-January-2019.pdf 83 KB Planning Committee Agenda 9th January 2019 (1)-9th-January-2019.pdf 92.9 KB