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Road Closures

All roadworks reports are provided to the Town Council by Worcestershire County Council. 

If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries regarding a road closure, please contact Worcestershire County Council by either their website: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk OR telephone: 01905 765765

Temporary Road Closure Notices authorised by Wyre Forest District Council can be found on their website: https://www.wyreforestdc.gov.uk/streets-and-parking/temporary-road-closures.aspx

For further information and a handy mapping tool showing planned road closures please visit  http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20602/roadworks_in_worcestershire


  • Bewdley

Please see below for notices regarding road closures in the area, provided by Worcestershire County Council:

862088 - B4194 High Street, Bewdley - Expedient.docx 862088---B4194-High-Street,-Bewdley---Expedient.docx 28.8 KB Footpath BW-630 Bewdley - emergency.pdf Footpath-BW-630-Bewdley---emergency.pdf 30.2 KB 812809 1 - Queensway Bewdley.docx 812809--1---Queensway-Bewdley.docx 13.7 KB 799731 - 1 - C2123 Trimpley Lane Bewdley.docx 799731---1---C2123-Trimpley-Lane-Bewdley.docx 13.6 KB 821547 - Sandy Bank Bewdley - Emergency.pdf 821547---Sandy-Bank-Bewdley---Emergency.pdf 25.8 KB 20191126 Notice Duck Race 2020.pdf 20191126-Notice-Duck-Race-2020.pdf 56.3 KB 20191108Notice-Bewdley-Christmas-Market-and-Light-Switch-On.pdf 20191108Notice-Bewdley-Christmas-Market-and-Light-Switch-On.pdf 56.4 KB BEWDLEY REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY PARADE - 10th November 2019.pdf BEWDLEY-REMEMBRANCE-SUNDAY-PARADE---10th-November-2019.pdf 8.2 KB MAYOR’S CIVIC CEREMONY - 27th October 2019.pdf MAYOR’S-CIVIC-CEREMONY---27th-October-2019.pdf 93.6 KB 20190917NOTICE FOR BOYS' GIRLS' ANNUAL PARADE 2019.pdf 20190917NOTICE-FOR-BOYS'--GIRLS'-ANNUAL-PARADE-2019.pdf 51.8 KB 20190918Notice - Save Bewdley Fire Station.pdf 20190918Notice---Save-Bewdley-Fire-Station.pdf 8.7 KB 744962 - U10201 Hop Pole Lane Bewdley - emergency.pdf 744962---U10201-Hop-Pole-Lane-Bewdley---emergency.pdf 25.9 KB 708037 - 1- B4194 High Street Bewdley.pdf 708037---1--B4194-High-Street-Bewdley.pdf 58 KB 727753 - U10404 Westbourne Street Bewdley - emergency.pdf 727753---U10404-Westbourne-Street-Bewdley---emergency.pdf 25.8 KB 20190725-Footpaths BW-623 and BW-624, Bewdley - 2nd 21 days.doc.pdf 20190725-Footpaths-BW-623-and-BW-624,-Bewdley----2nd-21-days.doc.pdf 31.3 KB